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Energy-efficient renovation in buildings: New financing toolkits
Energy-efficient renovation in buildings: New financing toolkits
29 January 2016 - 11:51

Three new toolkits on financing solutions for energy-efficient renovations in buildings have recently been developed by the CITYnvest project. CITYnvest materials aimed at helping local authorities identify and implement the most suitable financing solutions so that they can support the implementation of energy efficiency projects developed in the framework of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

A report entitled “Increasing capacities in cities for innovating financing in energy efficiency” reviews innovative financing and operational models for large-scale retrofits and explains instruments that could be used by municipalities to carry out renovation works in buildings. The document features instruments such as Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), Third Party Financing (TPF), revolving funds and cooperative models.

The Recommendations Decision Matrix is a self-assessment tool which complements the report. It contains a set of questions helping one choose the most suitable financing and operational energy retrofitting model. Finally, “A guide for the launch of a One Stop Shop on energy retrofitting” relates, using a step-by-step approach, the experience of the province of Liège (Belgium) and identifies main challenges and success factors.

CITYnvest is a Horizon 2020 project. Its activities focus on five main areas; analysis and comparison of innovative financing models, application of those models through three pilot projects, monitoring of triggered investments and discovering key success factors,  wide-scale training programme in 10 countries, and promotion of innovative financing for energy efficiency in buildings.

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