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POWER project supports cities in improving their water management
POWER project supports cities in improving their water management
8 June 2017 - 16:17

The Horizon 2020 POWER project helps cities adapt their water management to the impacts of climate change. The project brings together several Covenant signatory cities, Covenant supporters (Climate Alliance) and various universities and research centers.

POWER - "Political and sOcial awareness on Water EnviRonmental challenges" - is a 4-year project (2015-2019) that assists cities in better managing their water consumption and supply. For this purpose, the POWER project will set up a participative digital social platform that facilitates the sharing of knowledge and best practices between water management stakeholders like cities, citizens and industry.

Through this interactive platform, the project seeks to foster innovation in adapting the water sector to the unavoidable impacts of climate change, such as increased water scarcity or flood risk. The Covenant cities Leicester (UK), Milton Keynes (UK), Sabadell (Spain), as well as the Israeli capital Jerusalem, will benefit from the know-how of the POWER project for the implementation of their water management actions.

In Milton Keynes, the local authority has conducted several awareness campaigns to encourage citizens to reduce their water consumption. Similarly, the Spanish municipality of Sabadell has launched an educational program for schools to raise awareness about the importance of water quality and its responsible consumption.

The British city of Leicester has taken action on mitigating its surface water flood risk through the Abbey Meadows Wetland project. Finally, the city of Jerusalem has strengthend its efforts of water conservation in its distribution networks. The Jerusalem Regional Water Utility has implemented actions to diminish water losses in its networks, notably by better managing water pressure and flow and increasing water quality.

  •  For more information on the POWER project, you can check out their website.
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