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Covenant coordinator Gran Canaria drives local climate & energy action through new support measures
Covenant coordinator Gran Canaria drives local climate & energy action through new support measures
25 October 2017 - 11:12

The Spanish Covenant coordinator Gran Canaria, through its energy arm Consejo Insular de la Energia, has recently launched its comprehensive support activities for signatory municipalities to drive the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. 

Gran Canaria joined the Covenant in October 2016 as a coordinator, thereby becoming part of a European community of over 200 engaged regional and national public authorities that support Covenant signatory cities in the initiative. On this Spanish island, 10 municipalities have committed to the 2030 objectives of the Covenant of Mayors, by vowing to reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030, adapt to the unavoidable effects of climate change and strengthen their efforts to provide secure, sustainable and affordable energy to their citizens.

Gran Canaria's Consjeo Insular de la Energia will support its Covenant cities by delivering both technical and financial support, especially in the drafting and implementation of their SECAPs. A special focus will be laid on engaging citizens in the SECAPs, such as through exhibitions, guided tours and workshops to raise awareness about climate mitigation and adaptation. Furthermore, the Consejo Insular de la Energia has secured the help of the Technological Institute of Canarias to carry out a comprehensive inventory of the CO2 emissions on the island.

As regards climate adaptation, Gran Canaria will implement a new project with funding and support from the Biodiversity Foundation, an organism under the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment. The project has a total budget of over 94,000 Euros, and will in particular analyse the effects of climate change on key economic sectors (e.g. tourism) and the health of citizens on the island. In addition to this, the reactivity of municipalities to natural disasters (e.g. storms, torrential rains) will be assessed. Moreover, actions to improve biodiversity and energy supply at local level will be delivered.

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