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EU Commission's Joint Research Centre releases 8-year assessment of Covenant of Mayors
29 November 2017 - 16:26

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), the scientific arm of the EU Commission which provides technical, methodological and scientific support to the Covenant community, has recently published its 8-year assessment report of the initiative.The report was part of the 3rd State of the EU Energy Union released on the 24th of November by the EU Commission.

The JRC report "Covenant of Mayors in figures: 8-year assessment", provides an analysis of key data of the initiative, in particular relating to CO2 emissions and estimated reductions, final energy consumptions and estimated savings and the state of play and potential of local energy production among Covenant signatories. This new report also outlines the main policies employed by Covenant cities in their SEAPs/SECAPs and monitoring reports, and provides also good practices from the Covenant community.

By 2020, the JRC projects that Covenant cities will reduce their CO2 emissions by 27%, thereby contributing nearly a 1/3 to the overall EU GHG emission reduction target by 2020. Furthermore, Covenant signatories are bound to reduce their energy consumption by 20% by 2020, and also increase their local energy production by 50%. The buildings, transport and local energy production sectors will be the main drivers of Covenant cities' CO2 emission reductions by 2020.

In an analysis of monitoring reports from 315 Covenant signatories, the JRC notes that these cities are on track to deliver on their actions: 2/3 of the actions foreseen are either already completed or ongoing. The majority of the completed and ongoing actions are in the transport sector, followed by municipal buildings and facilites, tertiary buildings and facilities and local electricity production.

These 315 Covenant cities have already reduced their CO2 emissions by 23% by 2016 compared to their baseline years, decreased their energy consumption by 18% and are now producing locally 34 TWh in renewable energy, which is enough to cover the annual electricity needs of 21 million EU citizens! Buildings, local energy production and other sustainable policies are the main sectors driving the CO2 emission reductions.

According to the JRC report, the main policies implemented by Covenant signatories in their SEAPs/SECAPs are awareness raising, urban transport planning and regulations, grants and subsidies, standards for monitoring and energy management, building codes and regulations and public procurement.

  • The JRC's 8th assessment report of the Covenant of Mayors can be found in our library
  • Read more about the work of the JRC on their website
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