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New studies aim to support European cities in addressing air quality challenge
New studies aim to support European cities in addressing air quality challenge
15 December 2017 - 09:46

The EU Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published new studies dedicated to support European cities in tackling urban pollution.

Air quality is a hot topic in many European cities nowadays, affecting citizen's livelihood and straining the quality of the urban environment. Oftentimes, European and international air quality standards are exceeded, in particular as concerns the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM10) in the air. The new studies released by the JRC, the EU body providing technical, methodological and scientific support to the Covenant community, seek to support cities in addressing this issue effectively.

  • Report 1: "Air quality in the Danube macro-region"

This study on selected EU cities of this region concludes energy production/industry, agriculture, residential heating and transportation as main pollution sources. It identifies suitable measures to tackle this situation and discusses their implications for urban policymaking.

  • Report 2: "Ex-ante assessment of air quality in EUSALP and EUSAIR macro-regions"

This study focuses on air quality issues of the EU Alpine, Adriatic and Ionian regions and identifies potential areas (e.g. residential heating, traffic and shipping emissions) for improvement in the development of future air quality strategies.

  • Report 3: "Urban PM2.5 Atlas: Air Quality in European cities"

In this study, the JRC quantified the main origins of air pollution in 150 cities all across Europe, in order to support the design of efficient and effective air quality measures at urban level.

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