Illustration As a Network of Local Authorities

Networks and associations of local authorities are major catalysts of the Covenant of Mayors growth and promotion. Their extensive knowledge of the local and national contexts makes them indispensable intermediaries between the Covenant of Mayors Office and signatories.

Who is eligible?

Networks and associations of local and regional authorities participate as Covenant Supporters. As such, they notably pledge to promote the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy among their members, guide them through the Covenant process and facilitate exchanges of experience.

What are the commitments?

Networks and associations of local authorities joining as Covenant Supporters officially pledge to:

  • Promote accession to the Covenant of Mayors and provide support to those of their members signing up;
  • Publicly recognize the Covenant of Mayors as a key element of their policy;
  • Facilitate exchanges of experiences between signatories and candidate cities;
  • Ensure an intermediary role between their members, the CoMO and the national/regional media;
  • Identify synergies with related events and initiatives at national or regional levels;
  • Provide regular feedback on their members’ actions, once they have adhered to the Covenant of Mayors, as well as on the services they are providing as Covenant Supporter.

In case of inaction or insufficient commitment, the European Commission reserves the right to suspend the participation of the network as Covenant Supporter.

How to apply?

To obtain the status of Covenant Supporter, networks of local authorities should take the following steps:

  • Fill-in the on-line adhesion form;
  • After confirmation of eligibility, complete the agreement form to be co-signed the European Commission;
  • Once created by the Covenant of Mayors Office, update their on-line profile with comprehensive information about the services they intend to provide to Signatories.

Why participate?

Covenant Supporters find great added value in their Covenant of Mayors involvement, including opportunities to:

  • Promote their members’ best practices;
  • Better accompany their members’ activities on sustainable energy;
  • Showcase their services to a larger audience;
  • Exchange experience with other networks;
  • Benefit from the European Commission’s endorsement and recognition;
  • Receive more visibility for their major events organised in relation to the Covenant;
  • Participate in dedicated fora, workshops and discussion groups.
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