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The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy owes a great deal of its success to the active participation of regions, provinces and other such public authorities who put their resources and know-how at the service of signatories. Recognised as Covenant Coordinators by the Commission, they act as key allies in conveying the message and increasing the impact of the Covenant.

Who is eligible?

Provinces, regions, national public bodies, metropolitan areas, groupings of local authorities… Any public authority which officially commits to provide strategic guidance, financial and technical support to Covenant signatories will be officially recognized as Covenant Coordinator by the European Commission.

Should you require further clarifications, please contact the Covenant Coordinators Helpdesk at coordinators[at]

What are the commitments?

  • Promoting accession to the Covenant of Mayors among municipalities in their territory and providing support and coordination to those municipalities signing up;
  • Providing technical and strategic assistance to those municipalities willing to join the Covenant but lacking the necessary resources to prepare a Sustainable Energy Action Plan;
  • Providing financial support and opportunities to the municipalities for the development and implementation of their Sustainable Energy Action Plan ;
  • Assisting in the organisation of local energy days to raise awareness and;
  • Reporting regularly to the Commission on the results obtained and participating in the strategic implementation of the Covenant.

In case of inaction or insufficient commitment, the European Commission reserves the right to suspend the participation of a region or province as Covenant Coordinator.

How to apply?

Public administrations interested in obtaining the status of Covenant Coordinator should go through the following process:

  • Fill-in the adhesion form;
  • After confirmation of eligibility, complete the agreement form to be co-signed by the European Commission;
  • After signature of the agreement by both parties, update their newly-created online profile with comprehensive information about the services and support they intend to provide to signatories.

Why participate?

The advantages of becoming Covenant Coordinator are manifold:

  • Endorsement and recognition from the European Commission;
  • Large visibility on an international scale, notably through promotion of their actions on the Covenant website;
  • Experience-sharing with European counterparts;
  • Scientific and technical feedback on tools and methodologies developed;
  • Participation in dedicated discussion groups, workshops and other experience-sharing platforms;
  • Last but not least, consolidation of territorial development and strengthening of local governance
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