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Adhesion procedure - How to sign up to the Covenant of Mayors

Who can join?

European local authorities of all sizes - from small towns to big cities or major metropolitan areas - are eligible to sign up as Covenant signatory. The local authority must be democratically constituted with/by elected representatives.

As the initiative requires the design and implementation of a comprehensive Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP), the signatory’s governing bodies should have adequate competences in various fields, such as transport, buildings, land use planning, climate change adaptation etc. If an interested local authority lacks competences or resources to prepare its action plan, it should be supported by administrations with such capacities, i.e. Covenant Territorial Coordinators or Supporters.

Smaller local authorities can also join the Covenant of Mayors as a group of signatories and share the Covenant obligations. See here how to join as a group of municipalities.


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