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Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) / Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)

How to submit the SEAP/SECAP?

For submitting your SEAP:

Covenant Signatories are invited to use the on-line submission system available via 'My Covenant' (the website extranet section). The procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Log in to ‘My Covenant’ using your personal identifiers - You can retrieve your password at any time under the ‘sign-in’ section.
  2. Fill in the ‘SEAP template’ in English - Click on 'My action plan' > 'SEAP template' in the blue menu at the top of the homepage and complete the following three sections: your 'Overall Strategy', your 'Baseline Emission Inventory' and your 'SEAP'. All the green cells are mandatory! A specific instructions document for filling in the template is available on the Covenant website library.
  3. Upload your SEAP document - After filling in the SEAP template, click on ‘Upload SEAP document’ and upload your complete Sustainable Energy Action Plan - duly approved by the municipal council - (and any other relevant documents) in a PDF format.
  4. Validate your online SEAP submission - Click on 'Go to submission' and follow the instructions. In summer 2014, a preliminary checking system of the template will be made available, allowing the detection of errors or inconsistencies. For this, you should click on the ‘See notification checklist’ button. This will be run through a parallel online application, developed and managed by the JRC. 

Once submitted, your SEAP will be analysed by the JRC and you shall receive a feedback report. More information on the SEAP assessment procedure here.

For Submitting your SECAP:

The SECAP submission procedures are currently under development as a part of upgrading of the SEAP template to also include adaptation measures in line with the 2030 commitments. In spring 2016 the first version of the SECAP template, the equivalent to the SEAP online template, will be available on the website. When available, the SECAP template and the SECAP document will follow the same structure as is the case for the SEAP.


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