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Benchmarks of Excellence

How to submit a Benchmark of Excellence?

Covenant Signatories should adopt the following procedure:

  • Log in to 'My Covenant';
  • Go to 'My Action Plan' > 'My Sustainable Energy Action Plan' and select among their list actions to be highlighted as Benchmarks of Excellence by clicking on the 'star' icon. Please note that only actions currently in place are eligible for submission
  • Fill in all the information in English: provide a short description of the highlighted actions along with key figures in terms of CO2 reduction, energy savings, renewable energy, implementation cost and/or jobs created.

Covenant Coordinators and Supporters should adopt the following procedure:

  • Log in to 'My Covenant';
  • Go to 'My Benchmarks' > 'Add a new Benchmark';
  • Complete all the information in English, including a short description, the signatories involved and the category to which the Benchmark of Excellence refers.


Note: The Covenant of Mayors Office reserves the right to remove from the public website any submitted Benchmark of Excellence, if the information provided is incomplete and/or if, in the case of signatories' Benchmarks, the action is not in the implementation stage.


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