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Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI)

When to carry out a Monitoring Emission Inventory (MEI)?

In order to monitor the energy consumption / CO2 emissions data effectively and adapt the action plan accordingly if necessary, Covenant signatories are encouraged to compile Monitoring Emission Inventories on a regular basis. Our recommendation is to do this on a yearly basis, and the minimal requirement in the context of the Covenant of Mayors is to do it at least every 4 years. In this way, subsequent inventories may be compared with the Baseline Emission Inventory, and progress with emission reduction measures adopted can be monitored.

By filling in a 'Full monitoring report' online the emission inventory is included and is pre-filled from the previous emission data entry.

For more information please see the Quick reference guide on Monitoring SEAP reporting. Since the Emission Inventories are identical for all action plans, all guidance on Emission inventories for SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plans with 2020 targets) is also applicable to the development of SECAPs (Sustainable Energy and Climate Plans with 2030 targets).


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