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Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) / Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)

What if the SEAP/SECAP has not been submitted within the deadline?
  • If the Covenant Signatory has not filed for an extension:

One deadline extension can be granted, provided that the signatory duly completes the online delay request form - please refer to the FAQ: ‘How to request an extension of your SEAP submission deadline?’.

  • If the Covenant Signatory has already been granted an extension: 

The global success and the credibility of the initiative depend upon the fulfilment of the commitments taken by its signatories. The European Commission, recognising the efforts undertaken by other local authorities having complied with these commitments and respecting the termination clause of the Covenant of Mayors official texts (*), suspends Signatories in case of non-submission within the revised timeframe. However, the signatory status in the Covenant of Mayors can be re-activated at any time, provided that the municipality fulfils its first commitment and duly submits an action plan on-line through our extranet system (“My Covenant”). See the FAQ: 'How to submit the SEAP?'.

See more information under: Exceeding a Deadline " Signatory on hold


(*) Short extract from the Covenant official text (page 7):

“Suspension in case of non- compliance:

'Signatories accept to be suspended from the initiative " subject to prior notice in writing by the Covenant of Mayors Office " in the event of non-submission of the abovementioned documents (i.e. Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan and Monitoring Reports) within the established deadlines. This procedure ensures transparency, robustness and fairness vis-à-vis other signatories who deliver on their commitments'


Note: With the new -fully automatic and transparent- suspension procedure, the information on whether or not signatories are respecting their commitments is publicly available under their individual profiles - see the list of Signatories. In case of suspended signatories, the public profiles are greyed out with the following notification: 'Signatory on hold - deadline over'.


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