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Key Actions

  • Environmental education project for primary schools
    • Description:

      The environmental education projects are about teaching to the students of primary and secondary schools in town more eco-friendly technologies and more correct everyday behaviours for using energy devices. These teachings are made through games, little experiments and examples on field.

    • Key Action:1
    • Implementation timeframe:2013-2020
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  • Infoenergia front office for citizens
    • Description:

      “Sportello Infoenergia” is an information Help Desk in service of the citizens in the town offices of Bareggio. It is opened on Thursday mornings, every two weeks, during also the local open market. The information given are about energy saving behaviours, fiscal deduction, evaluation for possible energetic efficiency works or projects, information about technical aspects and energetic standards.

    • Key Action:1
    • Implementation timeframe:2011-2015
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  • T.A.S.S.O. project
    • Description:

      Tasso project has the following objectives: A. to modify the cultural perception of the territory, in particular developing the knowledge of the rural and natural landscape, and increasing the use of local agricultural supply chain. B. to guide the consumption and alimentary behaviours according to more fair, ethical and eco-friendly principles; C. to develop a sustainable local alimentary system through the strengthening of production and consumption chain; D. to requalify the rural landscape, the local economy and employment.

    • Key Action:1
    • Implementation timeframe:2012-2015
    • Website:
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