The Covenant in Figures provides an overview of aggregated statistics showing the efforts made by Covenant signatories, Coordinators and Supporters. The information displayed is provided by the Covenant Community via the private area - My Covenant.

Note: The Covenant in Figures only includes information from the 'Active signatories' meaning the local authorities that meet their planning deadlines described in their political commitments.

Covenant community

  • Signatories
  • Supporters
  • Coordinators
  • Countries
  • Inhabitants
  • Signatories

    Signatories supported country-by-country

    • Population covered
    • Signatories with submitted action plans
    • signatories with submitted monitoring
    • signatories supported by coordinators and/or supporters

    Signatories size

    Active signatories over time

  • Coordinators and Supporters

    Supporting the signatories

    • Coordinators
    • NGO/Organisation
    • Thematic agencies
    • Cities or Regions Networks
    • Associated Partners
    • Supporters

    Coordinators and supporters over time

Plans and actions

Status of the signatories

  • Baseline review

    Reports submitted

    • Emission Inventories
    • Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessments

    Emission Inventories’ baseline year

  • Action plans and monitoring reports


    • Submitted action plans
    • Accepted action plans
    • Not Accepted action plans
    • Monitoring Reports
    • Average number of Monitoring Reports by Signatory

    Action Plans submission over time

  • Actions

    Overview - Total Number of Actions submitted

    • Actions
    • Mitigation Actions
    • Adaptation Actions

    By sector


    Key actions

    • Submitted by signatories
    • Submitted by coordinators
    • Submitted by supporters