• 28 Feb

    Covenant of Mayors workshop at the Urban Future Global Conference - Unlocking the energy and climate transition in cities: What role for leadership?

    Vienna, Austria
    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    Switching from fossil fuels to renewables, saving energy, moving from individual and car-dominated transport systems to alternative mobility modes, protecting communities against the effects of climate change: those are challenges that require strong political leadership and a long-term vision. But what does leadership mean when cities are locked in energy production pathways inherited from the past, when ageing infrastructure is too costly to be replaced, and when national policies are needed to support local efforts? This session proposes various ways to undertake transformative action in your city, from pulling out the strengths of grassroots organisations, to building an integrated climate and energy action plan. Hosted by the EU Covenant of Mayors, it mainly targets political city leaders, but also city officers and planners.

    This workshop is part of the Urban Future Global Conference.