• 04 Apr 2019

    Paris Forum on Nature Based Solutions

    CSTB Paris 4 avenue du Recteur Poincaré PARIS
    Organiser: Others

    Paris Forum on Nature Based Solutions (NBS) Addressing major societal challenges: climate change adaptation-mitigation, risk management and resilience

    Paris, 4-5 April 2019 

    The forum will be a lively debate among multidisciplinary participants on the current knowledge, facts and ongoing research on NbS; related mainly to the questions: “How can NbS offer opportunities for climate change adaptation and mitigation?” and “How can NbS be applied in order to achieve integrated risk management and resilience?”. The forum format is designed to promote the dialogue among the participants, including inspirational key inputs by lead experts and parallel interactive working sessions. The discussions are oriented towards enriching the documented knowledge concerning:

    • Identification of integrated holistic cross-sectoral NbS for enhanced risk management;
    • Combination of NbS, multiplying their benefits, reducing threats and offering resilience;
    • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation by Nature: urban ecology, urban quality and well-being;
    • Integration of NbS into local and regional spatial planning and decision-making;
    • Performance monitoring and impact assessment of the deployed NbS;
    • Involvement of NbS’ stakeholders in funding and implementation;
    • Enhancement of NbS’ cost-effectiveness.

    This 2-day Forum, co-organized by ThinkNature H2020 Project and Paris Municipality, aims to bring together multiple stakeholders of different sectors and backgrounds (i.e. scientists, market actors, policy makers), including members of International Organizations, large scale research projects on NbS, pioneer cities, public and financial institutions and green businesses. Over 150 delegates across EU and overseas, representing the key actors in NbS, are expected to attend.

    More information at https://platform.think-nature.eu/paris-forum