• 19 Oct 2021

    European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO) 2021

    Malmö (+ online)
    Organiser: Others

    Connecting cities for a resilient future

    In 2021, all those seeking to shape a climate-resilient future for our cities and regions are once again invited to take part in the 8th European Urban Resilience Forum (EURSFO) taking place in Malmö on 19 and 20 October.

    The event, which takes place in hybrid format, will bring together up to 200 representatives from local and regional institutions from Scandinavia and beyond. Those who cannot travel to Malmö, due to ongoing restrictions, will be able to attend some sessions through live streaming with the opportunity to interact with speakers and the on-site audience.

    EURESFO will keep its informative, open and interactive character, maintaining its ‘PowerPoint free’ format. Participants are encouraged to share experiences and points of view on a variety of topics that will explore challenges in urban resilience planning and implementation.

    Register for the event here

    Visit the EURESFO website and follow Twitter @Urb_Resilience for updates.