• 27 Apr 2021
    14:00 - 16:30

    Delivering on the Renovation Wave: Supporting Narratives & Financing

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    This webinar will focus on the role of local authorities in delivering the Renovation Wave, particularly through narratives and financing.

    The Renovation Wave sets very ambitious targets and high challenges for municipalities. How to convince local decision-makers and engage key local stakeholders for action? Who can be the winning coalition? How to finance bundled projects smartly and get third-party financing? How can municipalities create one-stop-shops for boosting renovations?

    This webinar is aiming to discuss the above questions with signatories of the Covenant of Mayors in an interactive way, getting also feedback on the narratives, being developed in the EEW4 project.

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    Co-organised by the Covenant of Mayors - Europe and the EU-funded projects ORFEE and Energy Efficiency Watch.