• 01 Jun 2021
    15:00 - 16:00

    How can the Covenant of Mayors contribute to the Conference on the Future of Europe?

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    Building on a survey among local authorities and on the climate neutrality target of the European Union, the Covenant of Mayors has adopted a new vision to reflect local leaders' commitment to a climate and energy transition that is fair, inclusive and respectful of us citizens of the world, and of our planet’s resources.

    Beyond the objective of reaching climate neutrality by 2050, Covenant of Mayors signatories also commit to implementing adaptation to climate change measures and alleviate energy poverty through a just transition.

    They finally commit to engaging their citizens, businesses and local stakeholders in the transition, thus contributing to the European Climate Pact. The European Climate Pact is an EU-wide initiative inviting everyone to participate in climate action and build a greener Europe. In addition, the Covenant of Mayors has
    always been a source of innovation in terms of multi-level governance, with Member States, Regions, Provinces or grouping of local authorities joining forces to drive Europe’s transition to climate-neutrality.

    On 9 May 2021 the Presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission have launched the Conference on the Future of Europe, with the objective to open a new space for debate with citizens to address Europe’s challenges and priorities.

    This webinar will present the process put in place by the Conference on the future of Europe, and will focus on what are the possibilities for the Covenant of Mayors Community to take part actively.

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