• 19 Apr 2022

    Green Deal Committee of the Regions survey: give your opinion!


    The European Committee of the Regions has launched a survey to collect the opinions of cities and regions about the European Green Deal and have a state of play of its implementation, two years after its coming into effect.

    Two and a half years after the European Commission launched the European Green Deal in December 2019, the EU’s landscape has changed greatly. In the past two years, a lot has been done at a local scale in the implementation of the European Green Deal. In order to take a closer look and take stock of this process from the perspective of cities, regions and local communities, in order to better understand what are the opportunities and the challenges ahead of us on our path to build a climate neutral continent in a just, green and sustainable way, the EU asks the Covenant of Mayors local authorities and governments to submit their answers!

    This survey is targeting Committee of the Regions members, MEPs, local and regional politicians, stakeholders and citizens being interested in the green policies. It can also be considered by local politicians as an instrument to get a feedback on Green Deal in their own territory.

    The overall results and findings will be collected within a study and will feed into the future Committee of the Regions legislative work as well as support the 2022 EU annual regional and local barometer.

    The survey is available until the 31st May, you can find it here!