• 05 Feb

    Interested in the energy renovation of condominiums? Join the ACE-Retrofitting discussion group

    The ACE-Retrofitting project, co-funded by the Interreg North-West Europe programme, has launched a discussion group open to all individuals interested in the energy retrofitting of condominiums (tenements).

    Although local governments are tackling climate change, a majority of buildings in North-West Europe are still energy-inefficient and in need of deep renovation. If action is not taken it will lock local governments into a high carbon-footprint future. By targeting condominiums (tenements), the greatest number of private owners can benefit from more energy efficient homes while creating significant financial and carbon savings (50-70%).

    ace retrofitting

    ACE-Retrofitting promotes a creative governance approach - with local governments acting as facilitators between co-owners and building professionals - that overcomes the legal, human and financial barriers to the energy retrofitting of condominiums.

    The discussion group is open to all. Subscribers can share information, ask questions on the topic, and are regularly informed on the project partners’ latest activities (Covenant cities Liège and Aberdeen, the city of Maastricht, the Climate Agencies of Frankfurt and Paris, Energy House Antwerp, Maastricht University and Changeworks are part of the project).

    © image vladwel - shutterstock.com, Rhodo