• 04 Jun 2018

    Master of the Covenant - New board game supports municipalities in making their local action plans

    Developing and implementing a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) is a key process in the actions taken by European Covenant signatories. The new board game "Master of the Covenant", developed by Brazilian/Italian sustainable development researcher and game designer Francisco Leal, associated with the company T-Xchange (Netherlands), seeks to support local leaders and technicians in municipalities in making their SECAPs

    1"Master of the Covenant"  is a capacity-building game  in which players take on the role of a mayor in a municipality located in  an imaginary EU country that has recently joined the Covenant initiative.  The game simulates, in a simplified way, how mayors of a Covenant signatory can plan their actions in a 2-year period by creating a SECAP to reduce the municipality's CO2 emissions, adopt mitigation and adaptation measures to tackle climate change and strengthen efforts to provide secure, sustainable and affordable energy to citizens. 

    2Throughout the game, the player is assisted by a Sustainable Development and Climate Change team (made up of an engineer, a social scientist and an environment expert), giving advices on his/her decision-making, helping the player to choose actions which increase the municipality's sustainability and resilience levels, in order to reach the Covenant's vision of becoming a vibrant, fully resilient and sustainable territory.



    Every decision the player takes during the game also influences stakeholders’ endorsement, which can be critical to gather resources and support for the next actions. In addition to this, the player has to deal regularly with events (e.g. climate hazard that occurs, boost to the local economy) that bring in new dilemmas, trade-offs and opportunities.

    Depending on the players' style of play, the end result in "Master of the Covenant" will differ and lead to various outcomes that will be reflected in so-called badges (achievements/titled associated with the players' decisions taken throughout the game). Moreover, the final levels of sustainability, resilience and endorsement will be displayed, and to which extent the Covenant vision was reached by the player. The game usually lasts between 25 and 40 minutes

    - Interested in finding out more about this innovative game and testing it in person? Then you can get in touch with "Master of the Covenant" creator Francisco Leal by contacting him by e-mail (chico.lobo.leal@gmail.com) or LinkedIn (Francisco Leal)

    © Photos: Francisco Leal