• 17 Aug 2018

    C-track 50 project: putting regions on track for carbon neutrality by 2050

    C–Track 50 is a Horizon 2020 project which began in March 2018. It aims to support local and regional authorities in energy and climate planning in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 (a min. 80% reduction in CO2 emissions).

    To this end, C–Track 50 promotes multi-level governance and supports local and regional authorities in developing, financing and implementing ambitious integrated sustainable energy and climate policy action plans.

    A report comparing the energy planning processes in the 11 partner countries (Greece, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, and Austria) laid the ground for the first roundtables. Through these roundtables the project is promoting multi-level governance in the partner countries by convening all actors engaged in strategic energy and climate policy planning at the national, regional, and local level (public authorities, organisations, associations, etc.). More precisely, their objective is to discuss the best available collaboration model for strategic energy planning at a country level, and to identify recommendations to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

    The first roundtables took place in France (28 May), Austria (18 June), Greece (5 July 2018), Portugal (9 July), Croatia (11 July), Hungary (11 July), and Poland (12 july). Discussions focused on the current energy policy planning process and the feasibility of the carbon neutrality target at the regional and national level.

    Potential ways to improve the energy planning were raised in each country. In Greece, participants concluded that cooperation between local and regional authorities should be reinforced, and minimum requirements for energy planning set. In Croatia, the weight of NGOs in the decision-making process has to be strengthened. In France, it was noted that a distinction must be made between regions and localities with a high potential, and those with lesser means. Participants in Poland evoked the possibilities brought by new technologies such as hydrogen and fuels cells.

    Additional meetings will take place in Germany, Latvia, Romania and Spain, taking in August and September 2018, completing the first series of C-track 50 roundtables. You can follow the project development at www.fedarene.org/projects/c-track-50

    © photo Ferenc Horvath on Unsplash