• 11 Oct 2018

    13 cities, 1 plan, 40% less CO2 emissions by 2030

    In an ambitious regional climate action plan, 13 South-East Flemish municipalities set themselves a common target of 40% CO2 emission reduction by 2030.

    On 26 September, the 13 mayors and aldermen underlined the necessity for Flemish municipalities to set the example by making their own buildings, vehicle fleet and public lighting more sustainable. This needs to be reflected in the areas of housing, spatial planning, energy, mobility, production and consumption. The mayors agreed to achieve 40% less CO2 emissions by 2030 and make the region resilient to climate change.


    The plan was developped as part of an inter-regional cooperation project for “Climate-healthy South-East Flanders” (SOLVA) by a group of 13 Covenant of Mayors cities, the Province of East Flanders and the South-East Flanders Regional Consultative Committee.

    The project partners worked on the plan over the past year, collecting over 3,000 ideas. They condensed them into 68 measures and 327 actions, guided by a consultancy. The plan was then endorsed by all municipal councils this summer and it was hand-delivered to the European Commission by an ambassador in velomobile at the end of September in Brussels.

    In the second and third years of the project, the municipal authorities will focus on delivering the planned actions, giving priority to energy efficiency in households and the tertiary sector, sustainable mobility, renewable energy production, citizens’ participation and adaptation measures.

    For more information on the plan, please visit www.so-lva.be/klimaat-en-energie.