• 09 Apr 2019

    12 big European cities upgrade their Covenant commitment!

    On 3 April 2019, the Covenant cities of Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Mannheim, Oslo, Porto, Rijeka, Strasbourg, Tampere, Tirana, Turin, Verona formally committed to at least 40% carbon emissions reduction by 2030 and adaptation to climate change. Politicians from most of those cities were hosted by the Mayor of Genoa to officially sign this commitment. The ceremony took place during the meeting of the EUROCITIES Environment Forum.genoa

    At a time when many EU countries still have to publish their commitments and develop national plans, cities are once more proving to be one step ahead.

    On the same day, the mayors of Genoa and Turin, Marco Bucci and Chiara Appendino, and Gloria Zavatta representing the Municipality of Milan, also signed the “Pact for a resilient city”, the first Genova-Milano-Torino agreement protocol to develop collaborative actions and improve the resilience policies.

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