• 05 Apr 2019

    A delegation from Zadar (Croatia) in Udine: A caffè, and many ideas for better sustainability!

    On 25 September 2018, the municipal team of the Italian Covenant town Udine welcomed their peers from the Croatian town of Zadar, as part of the EU Covenant of Mayors Twinning Programme.

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    To kick off the day, the participants complied with the standing practice and drank a good caffè in Udine's centro storico. Then the visit started with two municipal buildings constructed under sustainability principles.

    The "Via Baldasseria" school, which is quite recent, was designed according to modern criteria of bioconstruction: use of natural light, PV and solar thermal panels, geothermal heating, rainwater reuse system... The participants also visited the 3rd generation district heating (DH) unit. The DH network supplies some of the town's main buildings and a number of residential buildings.


    At lunch break Udine's staff was glad to treat their Croatian guests with the best of Italian specialties. The day continued to unfold under the best auspices, with a stop by the Centro Attività Didattiche, and provided time for further exchange of experiences between the two municipalities, about:

    • the guidelines adopted by Udine to ensure a standard as regards energy efficiency in residential buildings within the town's geographical area.

    • the update of the local strategy for climate and energy, the SECAP under preparation and the "Compete4secap" EU project.

    • Zadar's contribution to sustainable development, introduced by a member of the Croatian delegation.


    Much more could have been done but as one says, time flies... The Croatian and Italian peers agreed to carry on the discussions on the occasion of the return visit to take place in Zadar next June!


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    Over the past few years Udine has positionned itself as a regional pionneer in raising awareness on sustainable development and climate change. The town has been coordinating a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging environmental protection and energy efficiency in public and private buildings. Udine has been a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors since 2009, and in 2017 the municipality renewed its commitment by officially endorsing the 2030 targets. Currently, the town is implementing the actions set out in their 2020 action plan, and is developing their 2030 Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan.


    For more information about the Covenant of Mayors Twinning Programme, please contact Claire Baffert at: claire.baffert@eumayors.eu