• 16 Dec 2019

    Covenant of Mayors 2020 Awards: Win a trip to the 2020 Ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels!

    Call for the 2020 Covenant of Mayors Awards is open!

    The Covenant of Mayors Awards are a great opportunity to showcase the progress made and become a reference example for the whole Covenant Community and beyond.

    Winners will be offered travel and accommodation to attend the 2020 Covenant of Mayors Ceremony that will take place on 4 March in Brussels. A special moment will be dedicated to the winners of the Covenant Awards. They will also have the opportunity to meet high-level EU officials, discuss with members of the Covenant Community, and take part in some of the many side events!

    Each of the winner will also have an interview featured in the Covenant of Mayors newsletter, and a dedicated article on the website.

    The Covenant 2020 awards will award three signatories:

    • 1 small-sized signatory (<10,000 inhabitants)
    • 1 medium-sized signatory (10,000- 250,000 inhabitants)
    • 1 large-sized signatory (>250,000 inhabitants)

    com awards 2020 logo 350x300Who can apply?

    The Covenant 2020 Awards call is open to all Covenant of Mayors - Europe signatories. Both signatories that have committed to the 2020 mitigation target or to the 2030 mitigation and adaptation targets are eligible, as long as they are compliant with all Covenant requirements, notably in terms of reporting.

    How will applications be evaluated?

    Signatories are invited to submit an overview of their history in the Covenant initiative by filling in the application form. The application must include a description of the overall energy and climate policies, and the actions undertaken to implement them.

    The participants will be evaluated on the SE(C)AP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) overall process and, in particular, on the following main aspects:

    • Commitments (2020, 2030, long term) and monitoring (status, achievements)
    • Stakeholders involvement (types and means of engagement)
    • SE(C)AP overall financing of actions (sources and innovation)
    • SE(C)AP administration (cross-sectorial, mitigation-adaptation, etc.)
    • SE(C)AP governance (multilevel governance connection)
    • Connecting 2020 commitments with the new 2030 commitments.


    How to participate?

    Signatories who wish to apply for the 2020 Awards are invited to fill in the application form at the latest by 9 January 2020 [extended to 16 January]. Applicants are encouraged to add attachments (with a limit of two attachments per application) such as pictures, infographics, videos, technical documents, etc.

    Evaluation process

    All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office to check their compliance with the above-mentioned eligibility criteria. Shortlisted applications will be analysed and evaluated by the European Commission. The three most outstanding applications as detailed above will then be selected.

    Winners will be announced during the 2020 Covenant of Mayors Ceremony on 4 March and promoted on the Covenant of Mayors website.

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