• 06 Mar 2020

    Cooperation for a greener future – The Twinning Programme from the European Covenant of Mayors

    The European Covenant of Mayors’ Twinning Programme, which started in 2017, creates long-term partnerships between two cities of the movement, in a view to share experience on mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The twin cities visit each other to exchange expertise on how to become more resilient and reduce their CO2 emissions. After the visit, the cities are to develop a roadmap to reflect on what they have learned and how they can make use of it. This learning progress generates lots of ideas and leads to improvement.

    The cities are very enthusiastic about the Twinning Programme and emphasize not just the inspiration they got, but also how the shared knowledge and expertise helped them go further in climate mitigation and adaptation measures at local level.

    “The exchange with Albertslund has inspired me to think of new ways to develop both small details and large infrastructure investments in Ljungby. The most important thing, however, is that the exchange has contributed to a new mindset. We aim to continue to cooperate with Albertslund” - Magnus Gunnarson, Mayor of Ljungby

    Check out the results of the city pairings in our latest publication: European Covenant of Mayor Twinning Programme – Final Report!